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A collection of fictional short stories

So, what's the story?

Black Satin

Betwixt sleep and unknown reason, I wrench myself awake and sit up in bed.

Looking down on a ... book!

Small, black, slightly shiny, possibly leather ...

but more likely faux ...

Ships on the Horizon

Waiting for our ship to come in ...

Our first Christmas in Western Australia.
A perfect day in an ideal location ...

What could possibly go wrong?

Eternal Love on a Glass of Merlot

Love does not question or blame
It does not compete or accuse

No, true love is

unquestioning, trusting, trustworthy
and eternal ...

A Friendship in Image and Prose

A homage to our memories together.

A path, a journey,

a colorful roll of film laid out before us

Each frame, a day, a year,

a page in our relationship ...

Larger than Life

A thought-provoking Article on the Universe of Things.

An ecosystem of interrelated organisms, where everyone and everything is reliant on each other.

Another ant in the hill,
Another cog ...

in the machine of life

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